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Introducing a the first ever digital city of Bangladesh, which is called JASHORE. Although it’s the first digitalized city of the country, but the local people are spotted unable to adapt equally with the evolution of online evolution such as Online Marketplaces. They are more intended to use local market which is more risky and wast of times as there are several marketplaces online. Additionally those online marketplace also provide home delivery at some costs. Some of the people use those online stores such as “DARAZ , E-VALLEY, BIKROY.COM, FOODPANDA, CHALDAL ETC.” to buy their goods. But most of the time they gets tricked and scammed with such a low quality product. And it’s a matter of hesitate and much time costly to return those products and take their money back. Beside it costs so much tax to sell item and that they don’t get chance to contact with the exact seller personally, which seems unfair to all sorts of people.

Jashore Sell Bazar is way diffrent

To solve the problem and offer a valuable as well as give the best service of online buy and sell, we introduce your very own Online shop “Jashoresellbazar.com“. It’s a online buy and sell platform from where you can buy and sell your product quite easily without giving any extra charges. You can see each and every details of the product and buyer or seller. In addition to that, you can personally have the contact number or message the seller or buyer and have a good conversation to find your wished product in the best condition.
We don’t charge any fees or tax to advertise your product online, and our support team is always at your service.
Features we provide-
– 0% tax on your buy
– Best and featured product highlight
– Same or lower price compare to regular market
– Contact of seller
– Product review
– Discount on every buy ( N.R)
– nearly seller highlight
– Cash on delivery
– Home delivery
– Unlimited visit of the product


– 0% tax on your sell
– Best and featured product highlight
– No fees for advertise
– Contact of buyer
– Product review
– Cash on delivery
– Secure transaction with inbuilt messenger
– Easy method of sell and contact
– Make yourself best seller by performance

Find or sell your most wished product easily with Extra privacy and protection. Find products and buyer in your area at reasonable costs.
Change your lifestyle with us in regard of internet and find everything more easier
For a trail visit, WWW.jashoresellbazar.com .

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